OISAA American-European Symposium

1.    What is Indonesian Student Associations of The North America and European Region (PPI KAWASAN AMERIKA DAN EROPA – PPI AMEROP)?


PPI AMEROP is an organization that coordinates all Indonesian Students Associations (PPI Negara-PPI Negara) located in the North America and European region[BCA2] . PPI AMEROP operates under the supervision of The Overseas Indonesian Students Association Alliance (OISAA/PPI DUNIA). The preparation of PPI AMEROP working programs is carried out jointly with individual Indonesian student associations and adapted to the character of its region. There are some programs being pursued during this period, among others, Familial Program (Online gathering, Mentorship); Social and Cultural Program (Concurrent Wonderful Indonesia and Concurrent Social Act), Educational and Organizational Program (PhD Forum, Sharing session, International Symposium).


“Gotong Royong” (sense of unity and instinct of mutual cooperation) Cabinet

Motto: Moving with strategy, heart and meanings


seeking a systematic and useful PPI AMEROP for students and PPI all over [BCA4] the World


1. to improve AMEROP organization system;

2. to raise funds from halal sources;

3. to grow the spirit of kinship, mutual cooperation and caring among others;

4. to build a culture of exchange of ideas by increasing productive interaction among students;

5. to accommodate the aspirations of students in the form of suggestions, criticism, ideas and feelings.


Coordinator: Muhammad Iksan Kiat

Secretary: Muhammad Syukron Ekoprasetyo

Website: http://ppidunia.org/amerika-dan-eropa/

2.    History of International Symposium of Indonesian Student Associations of Northern America and European Region


Symposium 2013 in Istanbul, Turkey

-        Theme: “Optimizing The Role of Democracy and Indonesia’s Economic Progress as Capital to Become a Great Nation” 

-        Result: Istanbul Draft

Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LjiYutSqX6c&t=166s



Symposium 2015 in Moscow, Russian Federation

-        Theme: “Unity and Aggregation to face ASEAN community 2015”

-        Result: Moscow Manifesto

-        Link:




Symposium 2016 in Amsterdam, Netherland

-        Theme: “Reaffirming The Identity of The Nation in Order to Facing The ASEAN Community”

-        Result: Rijswijk Recommendation

-        Link:


Symposium 2017 in Washingtong DC, USA

-        Theme: “Power of Nation: Digital Economy as the Competitive Excellence of Indonesia”

-        Result: DC Declaration

-        Link:




Symposium 2018 in Hannover, Germany

-        Theme: “Securing Indonesia’s Energy Sovereignty: The Security – Economy – Sustainability Nexus

Result: Hannover Resolution/Hannover Proposal