About Us

Our Aims

  1. To contribute to the improvement of developing countries ability in competing and surviving in today’s global world, especially in industrial field. 

  2. As a learning process for the community in Indonesia as well as for Indonesian students in particular in delivering scientific ideas.

Our Outcomes

  1. Creating a widely-publicized conference in order to raise awareness towards the up coming events taking place in Indonesia and other developing countries, especially on the topic ‘industrial field’

  2. Gathering groups of people from different backgrounds in one event; for them to associate with one another, to exchange thoughts, to share ideas and solutions about today’s globalized world. 

  3. Instigating a conference-culture with ICONIC 2018 as one of the pioneers and triggers for the future youth conference, where people around the world can find platforms to meet-up and brainstorm ideas or solutions to common international problems.

  4. Filtering and collecting contributive ideas and publishing them on an established international journal, where these ideas can be taken as future reference or solutions to problems faced by any communities or institutions

  5. Creating an event that acts as an educational platform for our participants.

Concepts of ICONIC

  1. ICONIC 2018 will be advertised extensively, through printed media, mouth-to-mouth, radio and online media. The ICONIC online publication will also post videos and articles that are closely related to the globalization, progress in Indonesia, paper-writing, and conference every now and then.

  2. ICONIC 2018 will filter and gather quality papers through a three-trier process: Paper selection, internal selection and internal selection from international journal. Papers that pass the first processes may be presented live during the conference. But only papers that qualify both standards will be published in an international journal.

  3. In order to provide a qualified conference that can act as, both, an educational platform and a trigger for future conferences, ICONIC 2018 strives to fill the events with speeches from interesting and experienced speakers, quality papers and presentations, competent presenters and professional moderators. ICONIC 2018 will also create a succinct event schedule that can be effective but also conductive at the same time.

  4. ICONIC 2018 plans to involve as many academicians and professionals as possible, with differing backgrounds, in order to maintain the dynamic of the discussions and exchange ideas throughout the conference.

  5. In order to create an enjoyable and enriching conference experience for our attendees, ICONIC 2018 strives to cater the welfare of our participants, ranging from the observers to the VIPs, as best as possible

  6. Creating side events such as Awards Night as means for professional and academicians to create network with one another and to promote Indonesian cultures to the public, respectively.

  7. An excursion will also be held on the closing day, so as to give our participants further exposures on educational information.


Getting to know us

A short background of The Indonesian Student Union in Germany and its current members