Our administrators will provide you complete guidelines to cater to your inquiries but these frequently asked questions (FAQs) will give you some clarifications on the most frequent areas of confusion. Please click the relevant questions and read the following before you contact us.

Frequently Asked Questions: 

Can I participate in ICONIC 2018? Who can take part in this conference?

This conference is opened to everyone, regardless of nationality, race, gender, age, occupation, religious affliation, political view and academic status. However, participants who want to make presentation or register as presenters are only the authors whose contribution(s) are approved. These authors only need to make registrations and payment for the conference as presenters.

How much do I pay for the conference?

Please refer to the information in registration page.

Is it an individual contest? Can we register as a team?

Paper can be written by individual or team consisting of unconditional number of individuals.

When do I have to submit my work and/or register myself?

Please refer to the information on the sidebar.

How do I submit and/or register myself for the conference?

You have to submit your work and register yourself as a presenter by sending your contribution to our email address academic@iconic.ppi-jerman.de

Who is the publisher of my approved work?

Social Science Research Network (SSRN). For more information about SSRN please visit www.ssrn.com/en

How can I go there?

You need to purchase your own flight (or other means of transportation) from your own countries to the designated place of conference. Having said that, we will nevertheless provide you useful information in regards to your visa, guides, search of affordable accommodation and flight, etc.

How to apply for visa?

Please refer to the information provided by the german embassy in your respective country. We will only provide the necessary document (i.e invitation letter) to enable you to apply for Schengen Visa once you register yourself.

ATTENTION: Please refer to the official website of German Embassy (http://www.jakarta.diplo.de/Vertretung/jakarta/id/01_20Visa_20idn/0-visa...) for your visa application. When making your appointment (https://service2.diplo.de/rktermin/extern/choose_category.do?locationCod...), it is best to choose the Tourist Visa instead of Visit Visa. Our Invitation Letter only serves as the proof of your itinerary as tourist. If you choose the Visit Visa, you would be asked for a residence permit and financial guarantee from the inviting organization, which we will not provide.

Who is the keynote speakers?

We are currently in the midst of contacting and confirming our keynote speakers. This page will be updated once we receive the confirmation of our keynote speakers.

What is PPI Jerman?

PPI Jerman is the official Indonesian Student Union in Germany. It was established on May 4 1956 in Bad Godesberg. PPI Jerman has already been officially registered as one of the corporation in Bonn, Germany on October 22nd, 1963, No. 2912. For more information about PPI Jerman, click here.

What are letter of acceptance and letter of invitation?

These two letters are not the same letter. Letter of acceptance is an official letter to announce specifically to corresponding authors about their abstract acceptance. Besides that, we inform the format of presentation, the dealines of submission and other important condition that authors have to fulfill and through this letter authors are able to apply for sponsorship. Letter of invitation is an official letter to inform that the author has been invited for presentation. In other words, it is a proof that you have successfully registered and your presentation will be included in the proceeding of our conference.

Your question isn’t stated above?

Then feel free to send us an email to info@iconic.ppi-jerman.de or academic@iconic.ppi-jerman.de.