OISAA American-European Region Symposium

1.     Introduction

On April 26th - 29th, 2018, PPI Jerman (Indonesian Students Association in Germany) will host the ICONIC and International Symposium for Indonesian Students Associations  of The North America and European Region (PPI AMEROP). Delegations from 24 countries will gather for a weekend to develop working plans for us as PPI AMEROP and recommendation s to best contribute to the development of our country, the Republic of Indonesia.

PPI Jerman would like to invite all delegates to Hannover, Germany. The Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia in Germany will welcome the delegates and hold the Symposium in their premises. The theme for this symposium is “Securing Indonesia’s Energy Sovereignty: The Security – Economy – Sustainability Nexus”.


2.     Background

As a developing country, Indonesia still has to maintain its sustainability on different aspect which require the role of all people, especially students. On the account of historical facts show that young people or students played an important role in fighting for National Independence. The effort and successes are expected to be retained throughout future generations to further liberate Indonesia  in various aspects, one of which is energy field. This moral responsibility encourages and brings Indonesian students abroad to exchange ideas in response to the national development issues, to strengthen the sense of belonging and to cooperatively work in order to present the best contribution through various projects. In conjunction with efforts to move together and create a competitive collaboration, PPI AMEROP hereby conducts an annual event since 2013 under the name of the International Symposium for Indonesian Student Associations of The North America and European Region or “Simposium Amerika-Eropa (SAE)”.


3.     Purpose

This occasion will encourage Indonesian students to cooperate creatively with teamwork, open-mindedness, and the adventure of finding new solutions supported by peer reviewed research to overcome the challenges of the current and future states of Indonesia. As for other intentions of this event are to evaluate the previous movements accomplished by PPI AMEROP as well as to improve the sense of belonging (familial approach) of Indonesian students abroad, so that the implementation of the working plan in the next period can be better.


4.     Theme

There are many reasons on why “Securing Indonesia’s Energy Sovereignty: The Security - Economy – Sustainability Nexus” became the theme of Symposium of PPI AMEROP 2017.


First of all, the theme was selected to elaborate the main theme of International Symposium of PPI DUNIA 2017 back in Washington D.C., which was “Nation’s Strength”. Along with the knowledge and strong understanding regarding the power of Indonesia, PPI AMEROP is confident that the next step to understand the power of a nation is to identify and to systematically strengthen its elements in order to significantly contribute to sustainable development of a nation, in this case, the economic growth. Energy is considered as the very important element of nation’s power or the oxygen of national economy.


Secondly, one of the biggest problems Indonesia is facing right now are less mature governance in the energy sector and inconsistency of its implementation. The fact showed that the increase in the number of energy consumer is greater than that of energy supply. This causes people not living in a decent life and many factories not operating well. Although Indonesia has abundant energy sources, including renewable energy, nuclear and fossil, the solution on security still needs to be discovered. All energy sources must have their own portions and complement each other. All national resources have to work together. Based on these, the improvement in energy management system is seen as an urgency necessary to be discussed by Indonesian young generations.

Thirdly, to complement the chosen theme, the topic of this symposium will focus on energy economy system optimization. The topic was collectively selected, because it is related to the fact that good energy economy system is a competitive advantage of the host country, with its high progress of “Energiewende” (Energy turnaround / energy transformation) program and high number of energy pursuer (engineers, scientists, politician, business developers…). Along with the high number of quality human resources in the energy field, especially members of the Indonesian diaspora, PPI AMEROP is confident that PPI Jerman will be able to invite guest panelists who will effectively enlighten delegates in producing an advantageous symposium for the benefit of PPI AMEROP, Indonesian students in the North America and European region and Indonesia.


5.     Committees


The overall aim of the discussion is to propose a comprehensive set of recommendations for Indonesia’s energy management system. In order to do this, the discussions during PPI AMEROP’s International Symposium will tackle various pillars of energy management:

1) Economy Committee;

2) Political and Law Committee;

3) Social, Cultural and Environmental Committee; and

4) Science and Technology Committee.

PPI AMEROP will organize online discussion (PhD forum) and research group started from February to April as Road to International Symposium for Indonesian Student Associations of The North America and European Region.


6.     Event description


  1. Keynote Presentation and Panel Discussion
  2. Coordinator and Secretary Election
  3. Open Tender for Host Country of the Next Symposium
  4. Scientific Excursion and Gala Dinner
  5. Sharing Session with Delegation of ICONIC


7.     Output


a.      Resolution paper;

The results of the discussions will take the form of a recommendation to the government and a statement of commitment from all delegate to the nation and the state of Republic of Indonesia.

b.     Coordinator and Secretary Election;

The Board of PPI AMEROP 2018/2019 will be chosen by deliberation at the PPI AMEROP congress. When the deliberation does not  reach any results, lobbying mechanism will be applied before the second session of deliberation. If the mechanism still does not work, voting (last option) will be applied.

c.      SAE host open tender;

The determination of the host of the next Symposium is subsequently held in the same manner as the selection of the PPI AMEROP board.

d.     Outline of working program recommendation.

Ideas of all delegations will be criticized and written out in the form of an outline of the working program (in short, medium and long term) as a recommendation for the next PPI AMEROP board.