PPI Jerman

The Indonesian Student Union in Germany (PPI Jerman e.V.) was established on May 4 1956 in Bad Godesberg. PPI Jerman has already been officially registered as one of the corporation in Bonn, Germany on October 22nd, 1963, No. 2912.

PPI Jerman is based on Indonesia’s national Ideology: Pancasila and the constitution 1945 (UUD 1945), and is a political but non-party, scientific, social and independent organization. The organization crest represents a world with two hands holding a torch. The 6 dots symbolize the flag of Germany. The name of PPI Jerman, which is written on the flag of Indonesia, epitomizes the Indonesian students, who live in Germany and have the spirit of assembling and gathering for the betterment of our land.

The members of PPI Jerman are registered and consist of full members, extraordinary members and honorary members. Full membership is reserved for Indonesian citizens, who have been registered at any institute of education in Germany and live in Germany.

Extraordinary membership is reserved for one who shared the same visions and compassions with PPI Jerman, belongs to any nationalities, but could not fulfil the requirement of a full member. Honorary membership is for individuals, who has rendered an outstanding service for PPI Jerman.


The Organization consist of three bodies:

  1. The Central Organization is the department who coordinates all the organization branches and takes the responsibility of the organization rules.

  2. The Branches are autonomous subsidiaries, which are located in a particular region or city.

  3. The Activities and Funding Observer is an independent department, who controls and supervises the activities and funding of the center



PPI Jerman’s visions are to assemble, protect and defend the aspirations of its members, in order to give them the opportunities to maximise their qualities as a human being and improves their potential, so that they can be resourceful assets for Indonesia and the world.



  1. The aims of PPI Jerman are to nourish the sense of unity amongst the members and foster them with a democratic approach

  2. To organize and/or coordinate social and educational events.

  3. To strengthen the bond with other national and  international organizations, who shares the same vision and purpose.


Organization Structure:

Syahrindra Sofyan President of PPI Jerman  
Radifan Gunawikarta Vice-President of PPI Jerman (Internal Affairs)  
Nurmala Hayati Azihah Secretary-General  
Muhamad Rizki Fikriansyah Deputy Secretary-General  
Yuki A Khoironnaim Treasurer I  
Sheila Mahardika Puwandary Treasurer II  
Irma Fadhila Head of Public Relation  
Angelia Eka Putri Staff of Public Relation  
Anastasia Shierly Apriliani Staff of Public Relation  
M. Adimas Calvin Putra Dewayadi Staff of Public Relation  
Gilang Maulana Majid Staff of Public Relation  
Akhmad Fauzi Nugroho Head of Media, Information, and Marketing  
Kiona Lim Staff of Media, Information, and Marketing  
Rachel Ephivania Staff of Media, Information, and Marketing  
Toni Tan Staff of Media, Information, and Marketing  
Maulana P.Adjie Head of Foreign  
Devita Naftali Staff of Foreign  
Anastasia Rika Staff of Foreign  
L. Tetra Octora Firsirianta Rinta Head of Education, Social, and Politic Division  
Irvan Abdul Mishar Staff of Education, Social, and Politic Division  
Yusuf Ramadhan Staff of Education, Social, and Politic Division  
Raimond Romulus Staff of Education, Social, and Politic Division  
Sabrina Dwi Garindri Putri Head of Youth and Organizations Division  
Putra Andhika Nugraha Staff of Youth and Organizations Division  
Mayra Diandra Nabila Ratnadi Staff of Youth and Organizations Division  
Nathanael Valenski Djama Staff of Youth and Organizations Division